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1.Navy blue Nuggets-Where are these 2K? They are just a work of art.

2.Late 90s to early 2000s Black Suns jerseys-I love these jerseys. They are just beautiful and were in 2K14.

3.90s Charlotte Hornets jerseys-I know what you're thinking but you're wrong. I know there is a team for it but I to use these for the Kemba hornets.

4.Every new uniform-Things like the black Houston jerseys should be in the beginning of the game.

5.The Hawks altermate shorts-If you didn't know, they were two times when Atlanta wore different color shorts. (one was black shorts with a red jersey and vice versa)



1.Wager room-This would reduce welches and would be great.

2.Bundle toppers-Please 2K! Make the $ I spend worth it/

3.Remove the offensive and defensive overalls-Honestly since 2K are retards with this, what's the point of it?

4.Improve the gauntlet-Once we get the main reward, (like an ametyhst) let us continue that board so we can build up our squad/

5.Starter cards-Instead of getting a random silver, we'd get a starter card. This would be a player (75 overall) of a good player (like for GS Klay or for NY Rose) This way, it will be fair for everybody.



1.When we create a new team, remove all the alternate jerseys. It makes no sense if we make the Seatte Supersonics (from OKC) and we have a navy OKC alternate jersey.

2.Let us get alternates when we create a new team. This would be sick if we wanted to create a specific team. (like the Supersonics)

3.Let us remove the salary and hard cap after we finish creating our league in the settings.



1.Improved connections-Don't make it easy to get connections. Maybe to get someone like Kobe, you need to drop 50 points and then you unlock him.

2.Connection MT cards-Don't give us the actual MT cards. Give us a starter card that we can build up our team with.

3.Talking with people-Let us talk with the other players, coaches, GMs, and owners. Maybe if we don't get along with a player, we can talk to coach or the GM about it. us make out story-Give us choices for our story. Maybe we have a chance at a new agent but you'd have to fire your best friend. (like in 2K14)

5.Let us pick a beggining-Maybe we can pick weither we go to the NBA from HS, college, or something else.




Being able to edit more than three of the teams in the NBA.

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How bout college students stop being buttheads and we can have NCAA2k 17