By Arcan022 »

Hey guys so my starting lineup right now is


97 lillard

95 kobe

95 durant

96 Aldridge

and 96 Towns

I have 220k to spend should i buy diamond Kawhi (at sg) and 97 durant for sf? or what would u guys do


also should i replace lillard w 97 westbrook?

By jcool1054 »

I would say, get a better PF. Look into LBJ with a 3PT shoe. Apply shooting badges. The rest of your starting lineup looks great


By HarryL »

I seem to be in the minority, but I've never liked Lillard, even the 97 Playoffs. For some reason, for me, he's just not crisp with his dribble moves. I MUCH prefer PO Curry and PO Kyrie and Oscar.

I think the obvious least-strong point on your team is 95 OVR Kobe. Not a strong outside shooter, not particularly fast/explosive, not a good defender.  If you just want 3-and-D, then Kawhi can work well at SG.  Just keep in mind that he's a poor ballhandler and poor passer and slightly slower than 95 Kobe. Personally, I run either PO Klay or MVP Dr. J at 2. One can run PO Durant as well, though he's not as speedy or as good as a perimeter defender (made up with length, of course).

I would upgrade at SG before upgrading 95 Durant to 97 Durant.  97 Durant is very nice and takes some very meaningful improvements over 95 Durant in overall game, but you sacrifice elite 3-point shooting.  I think it's worth giving up 90+ Standing 3 for 80+ Standing 3 in order to get the extra speed, ball handling, post-fade, and rebounding.

By 2dcole »

I always kinda side with @Harry L, lol. 

For me, Lillard was a nice card he was just not elite at any one thing Offensively or Defensively. I was one of the folks caping for Lillard but  his marginal play becomes especially apparent when contrasted against Kyrie's (even the TBT version) offense and 98 Oscar's  size, defense and rebounding. I'm not very high on Steph. Don't get me wrong he is downright deadly (see link) but I never really got the hang of him.  But each his own. Not very high on Westbrook's PO either. His Dynamic is better statistically and the same benefits can be had from his gold. Same for Kawhi. Save yourself  70 - 80k and get his gold DPOY version. There's just not that big a gap in his ratings defensively.

All this being said you have a lot of options.

I'd recommend selling Lillard for Oscar and use the cost difference to get MVP Bron. If you do this you may want to consider moving Kobe for Moments Klay or Amy TBT VC. This would immediately improve your defense and give more options offensively. However, Oscar's not for everyone especially with his release. 

So, another option could be selling Lillard/95 Durant paired with the 220k and upgrade to 98 Kyrie + 97 Durant

You could also keep Lillard and flip 95 Durant and hoping for a snipe on Dr. J I saw him up for 260k a week ago on PS4.

Dr J would be the most impactful upgrade If you can swing it. Definitely a Do it all SF that can play at the 2 finish defend and shoot from 3. 


By AlphaWKM »

switch KAT to PF and get a proper rebounding C