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Hello! I hope we can have at least 1 more card competition before cards are gone for good. I will participate, but I was hoping we could have 10 contestants and 5 judges. First come first serve. 

How we settle this

I will decide the matchups when we have all the contestants and judges ready

How will they be judged?

The three judges rank it out of 50 (just like the dunk contest) and you make 5 cards (1-10 points per card) Whoever has the most points win. 

How you enter

Just post in the forum that you either participate or want to be a judge.


The judges get to pick what the theme is for the cards, anyone they like.


They MUST be new cards

You must post within 2 days or you're disqualified

They can be either regular cards or custom borders

That's pretty much it


1. cdub

2. ThesePacksAreFire

3. Supreme_itaLic

4. notoriousshaq

5. MicahGS20001224

6. _Warriors_

7. vincecarter15

8. Jaiveer




1. LALakers

2. SquaisheyDuck2

3. TheFreshPrinceOfIvyTrails

4. Mr.FortyTwo

5. Shakespeare


Once all the slots are filled, we start!


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cards arent coming back dude stop

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Me fam

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me aswell bro

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I'll join but I have to warn you. I may be late a few times because of school

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 my firsone where i actually edited the background out lol how did i do bdubn

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