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It's the tenth time I try to beat the last historic domination game, but I can't do it. The only time i was able to beat them I didn't obtain enough MT, otherwise I keep on losing.

This is my lineup:

Any tips? 

By DRHM100 »

They seem overpowered to me but I mean I've came close to beating them somehow and my Lineup isnt nearly as close to as good as yours. But playing Man to Man I heard was good and doing pick and rolls

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Before this game I crushed almost all the regular historic teams by 20 points or more with a relatively weak team (finished atlanta's collection after beating the east all star first try and the western at the third one by abusing pick 'n roll and low post with Drummond and Bogut) and yet i can't beat this last game while doing enough mt.

Since i wrote i was able to beat them two more times by mixing different attacking styles but i still didn't get enough mt. In the last game i finished the third quarter leading by 8 points and with around 350 mt. Somehow in the last quarter they didn't literally miss a shot and i won by just 3. While missing the 890 point mark by 40 mt or so.

By vb221 »

If you're good with using double teams you get +2 per "smart double team" which tends to lead to a turnover +6  and fast break +4 . I found that by trapping the PF or Center if they get the ball in the post led to a lot of TO's. I tried doubling the guards but they always broke the trap and the CPU got an easy bucket most of the time. If you're also up at the end of the game try intentionally fouling. It stops the clock and you get an addtional offensive possesion. 

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By rob1986 »

Also make sure to take at least 5 threes and 10 free throws!

By IraHooliganZ »

Your center is to weak and doesn t have enough shot contest. I ve put Manute Bol on Pat Ewing and Jabbar and he shuted them down. You need to give them the less space you can, they can beat you only with the fade. Don t try to D on jordan he's unguardable and will hit fade away jumper like it s a free throw so just focus on inside D and grabing the rebounds then fastreack; My PF Antoine Walker helped me a lot in that game; You need fast players. I used a lot of pick and rolls/pop also. Try to draw fouls with your center (cousins is good for that), pump fake once then shoot directly, it will draw a foul most of the time near the rim. i had 1016 points against the east all stars and 1050 against the the west, just 925 with the last game but I did shit on 3s

By Scotburger1 »

I see the issue or the lack of that's making you struggle. You need to get Bol or Bradley, they will help you a lot down low on defense. Also consider picking up the splash brothers due to their 3 point cheese shooting. Also pickup lebron and put him at PG so he can stop magic and oscar. This should help a lot and make beat them.

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Manute Bol is insane. He killed the young jabbar and the old one. I have also bradley and emerald Tyson Chandler with 4 gold badges (reobunding, blocks, dunks ). If you have players with a good Defensive I.Q they'll end up giving the ball to the center, then all you have to do is defend smartly and not bit on the shake. make a decent % on your 10 ft and 5 3 pters and it will be good

By djay089 »

If all else fails just make the last 5-7 minutes a foul game and hope they miss some ft so yo can get 8points while no time comes off clock

By The.Captain.and.The.Truth »

Thanks everyone for the advices! I didn't have enough mt to buy anyone, but I was able to beat the game after changing a bit the defensive settings, and mixing up the defensive match-ups: Marion on Magic, Doc Rivers on Jordan and Hudson on Bird. This way I was able to limit their offense to 50/60 points without having to buy anyone else. In offense I mixed up pick and rolls, fastbreaks, post game and drives to the basket with Hudson, River, Sprewell and Pack. Towards the end of the game had to foul them to get more offensive possessions, since I feared I didn't have enough mt, didn't waste them and got 900 or so mt.

I didn't know who to pick, I liked Jerry Lucas and Parker as they were very well-rounded players, but my love for Big Ben won at the end and so I picked him up. I'm putting him at PF considering his height and although his offensive game is very limited, I'm still getting 15 or so points a game by dunks and lobs alone. In defense, as his stats suggests, I find him pretty good and I was able to stop most people online, but right now i'm just at the emerald league, so i guess i'll have to see how he'll fare in the higher seeds.

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