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Hey guys.

This year I'm enjoying a lot playing with Silvers and Bronzes trough domination (this way I don't spend contracts on my best players) and I really haven't felt any pressure or lost any game. I'm about to complete normal domination, and I wanted to talk about this.

My lineup so far is this one:

I've got all the players trough domination or reward packs, so they're free (except Thon Maker, I bought him for 3k MT, he's worth it tho).

So, who have you felt is a really good player for being a silver or bronze? My favourites so far are:

- Thon Maker: I call him Black Brock Lesnar, because he is a beast. Bullies everyone on the paint, and HE CAN DRAIN THE 3 BALL. His free throws are very good aswell. All around beast.

- Marvin Williams: Best 3pt shooter ever. Always in the corner ready for the catch and shoot. Averages like 4-5 threes every game with perfect releases almost everytime.

- Buddy Hield: You need a buzzer beater or a inbound play 3pt shot? Call this boy. Unveliable once you get his release.

- Jared Dudley: Like Marvin Williams, always in the corner ready for the three ball. Incredible shooting in fastbreaks aswell.

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Why do you say nothing?

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Gerald Green should be on this list every year his card is a monster card