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Substitutions/running plays/general timeout screen. 

The system last year wasn't perfect but it also wasn't broken either so why did thsy change it? It became a whole convoluted mess, over complicating something that was easy. 

Personally I don't like that you can't do mass sub from the time out screen and have to change individually, I also don't like that you can't move a person from one position to another without subbing them out. 

Is it just me? Or does anyone else agree? 

By 2dcole »

Yea.I just don't like that once you exit past the 'Be the Coach' screen you can't re-enter like last year. Really hate the way you call plays but meh...I guess I'll get used to it in time. 

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By Gnuhc »

Bc 2k is always trying to fix shit thats not broke bc theyre morons. like yea its totally more efficient not being able to see a players energy unless u pause. and if u want to play someone out of position u have to pause. playing online with a 2min pause time limit u have to be fast af to sub 4 or 5 times....this reminds be of all the dumb shit i hate about this game. like taking out the 2k cam on 2k9! wtf NOW the 2k cam has blind spots. like yea i like not being able to see where my wide open shooter is on the weak side. its cool passing tryin to pass to someone who thinks still in the corner but move but udk bc u cant see bc the cam moves now. no matter how much u zoom out. morons i tell u. really am aboard the boycotting of this game. 2k needs to listen to the community. been playing this game for 17 years now with a few years break plain live when it was hot on ps2

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By AlphaWKM »

I am too afraid to spend money on the game because I am scared I will be banned for some silly reason

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By EmergencyGaming »

I see this is an old thread but i gotta vent out my frustration with the game. (Plus some opinions)

1.) I have the same problem with the playcalling and substitution. It takes up a lot of space man!

2.) I play a lot of MyCareer and goddamn, why don't my teammates just shoot the open shots? They take a dumbass stepback fadeaway three instead of an easy open mid. They do not even make them, not even once!

3.) Still in MyCareer, I like the idea of having a duo with Justice and the Orange Juice thing and having that brotherhood with Young and Levins but damn they can be ballhogs!

4.) In my opinion, the character "Pres" is either a wing or a big since Justice and Denver are both PGs and having your MyPlayer as a PG will just crowd the rotation.

It's been so long since I posted here. I hope somebody from 2k sees this. I mean, the games nice and all but every time a patch is released it becomes increasingly annoying to play.