By BJ_Gaming_YT »

Is there any premium collections worth grinding for? i was thinking about the double double collection but idk. Any ideas?

By voltix »

yes Double Double is worth it - 75 to 85k for two Centers which are still very useable (especially Dwight) aswell as Stockton who is amazing alongside Malone

By CornChowderChamp »

I'm working on the ICE COLD collection for Pippen. I've read his DEF stats are pretty much endgame.

The Diamond Derek Rose is very nice once you slap a Defensive Stopper badge on him, and you'll have Rondo backing him up whos surprisingly efficient at 3's. 

Ben Wallace is a solid backup C. He's got HOF Defensive Stopper, Hustle Rebound, and Rim Protector

I only have Petrovic to go but theres only 1 on the auction house and i dont have enough yet.