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It’s finally done. After 150 games, I have finally finished the equalizer experiment. I used a total of 10 lineups, ranging from a team w/ 3 pink diamonds & the rest diamonds, to a ruby/sapphire/emerald/ gold team. I played 15 games with each lineup. It was fucking brutal, you guys. I feel I learned a hell of a lot about how 2k’s equalizer algorithm works, but some of these games were straight up PAINFUL. I don’t claim to be the ultimate answer, and someone else should definitely do a test too, but I think my findings are fairly accurate. Anyways, here’s what I found out....


To start out: A lot changed in MyTeam while I was doing the experiment. When I started the whole thing, there were not a lot of solid diamond lineups out there, but almost everyone has one now. What that means is that as more players assembled god squads, the less accurate my data became. So I had to play more and more games.  

There’s a difference between EQUALIZER and MOMENTUM. Equalization happens when you can’t rebound, your players move slow, you have 1,000 turnovers, you can’t shoot or dunk, your players run out of bounds, your AI fouls every shooter, etc. Momentum is a change that happens in the game based on you and your opponent’s decisions and skill. A lot of what people blame as equalization is actually just them taking a few bad shots or making a few bad passes and your opponent swinging the momentum. 

By far, the 2 hardest lineups to win games with were the worst lineup (gold/emerald/sapphire/ruby) and the best lineup (3 PDs/the rest Diamond). With the best lineup, all 15 games went the SAME EXACT WAY: me sucking the first 3 quarters and then catching fire in the 4th. With the bad lineup, the majority of the games I was OK in the first 3 quarters, but GARBAGE in the 4th. I hated these lineups because every game was intense and sweaty AF. I will say these games felt very scripted. 

All the solid ruby, solid amy, and mixture of ruby/amy lineups performed about the same. I would honestly say these games were more skill based and the majority of the time the better player actually won. I didn’t feel much help from the equalizer, but I didn’t feel too fucked by it either... most everything felt momentum related. However, when I went up against solid PD/Diamond squads with these teams I usually felt a boost from the equalizer, but not enough to win if I was worse than my opponent. 

The easiest to win with: 1 PD/the rest Diamond & Amethysts. I wasn’t expecting this. I had more wins with various lineups with these cards FOR SURE. At this point in the game, most players you face have all diamond squads... it’s just the way it is now. When you play bad you play BAD, but when you play good you play GOOD. I just had more fun playing with these teams.

To sum it all up: Skill usually wins. Every now and then you get a game where everything just goes wrong because 2k doesn’t want you to win and no matter what you do, you are going to lose. Those games don’t happen all the time though.... just mainly when you’re on a win streak or when you’re close to jumping a Super Max tier. I used to blame the equalizer on my losses more than just about anyone on this forum, but I was wrong about a lot. Having the better team does not necessarily mean that you are being slighted against by 2k. End of story. Momentum is more of a factor than anything. When your team starts going to shit, take timeouts, make adjustments, make substitutions, change strategies, pass and shoot on the safe side...... just whatever you can do to shift the momentum in your favor. I used to rage and scream at the tv when I was playing bad and say, “I’m only losing because I have a god squad and this dude has a shit team and I’m being equalized”. Now after playing with shit teams, average teams, and bad teams, I have realized that in about 7 out of 10 games, the better player wins. The other 3 games you’re a victim to 2k’s algorithm of “player engagement”. If you run 2 pink diamonds in your lineup, you will start noticing games get harder to win. If you have 3 pink diamonds, you have to be damn good because you are going up against the equalizer all day, not just momentum. Internet connection I think has a lot to do with things, but you can actually figure that one out by going to the menu and scrolling around.... if there’s lag scrolling the menu, you better believe you will have lag shooting and trying to stay in front of your opponent playing on ball defense. Also, don’t play Super Max early in the morning or late at night if you’re trying to climb the Super Max ladder. That’s when the hardcore players are grinding, and chances are you’ll be going up against some heavy hitters. 

I’m sure I’ve left some things out and I had to condense this down a lot just to keep it this short, so feel free to ask questions about anything at all. I’ll be open and transparent. Oh, and in case anyone is wondering what kind of lineup I kept after the test, it’s a 12 man rotation of 1 PD and the rest Diamonds. 



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The visualisation of you screaming at the TV saying "I'm only losing because I have a god squad and this dude has a shit team and I'm being equalized" had me rolling 

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Well written.  Matches up with what I experience.   Momentum is as big a factor as anything as you stated. 

Very interesting regarding your experience with multiple pink diamonds.  It's ok to a very good team, but not the best possible team.

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YOSEMITE_HAM said in Saturday, March 10th, 2018 5:39 am

The visualisation of you screaming at the TV saying "I'm only losing because I have a god squad and this dude has a shit team and I'm being equalized" had me rolling 


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Thanks for investing your time, explains a lot on my end!

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Good stuff! You took one for science.

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Awesome work!  Thanks!  My only comment about this whole thing is that this game is just like the NBA, it's a make or miss league.  Some people can flat out shoot and hit green releases all the time while some struggle to hit green every once in a while.  

Some people are just better than others.  If I loose by 6 it wasn't equalizer.  It was because I didn't time 2 3's well enough to tie the game.  Or I need to be more patient and take better shots or close out better to take points off the board.

I think you are spot on about most of your assessment.  Great job!


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You’re not lying about late night/early morning playing lol

Faced plenty of PD players when i wake up early in the morning to get some SuperMax in 

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Thank you for your work !

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WOW... thanks dude!

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