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Diamond Boogie/Amy Lillard or Amy AD/Amy Baron Davis

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Idk man it's close. There's so many duos to choose from that it makes it kinda hard.. good problem to have though!

Edit: sorry, just trying to be an ass and take a shot at 2k.

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Boogie and lillard, Boogie is the best all around center right now, and dame is a limitless beast.

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Just started playing with B Davis and he's a monster.  Good 3 and poster.  I would go with him and AD or Cousins depends on what your looking for..

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I don’t have enough for baron Davis and cousins so im gonna stick with cousins and lillard because I have cousins already, he’s a beast for me. Thanks guys

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Wait theres new dynamiuc duos?

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good one lol you had me going for a sec