By rubbertoecapboi »
By Amargaladaster »

You can post him up even with Steph. He will be killed anywhere on the court.

By rubbertoecapboi »

on D oh god yes but on offense he will be a god. Last year his diamond was SO slept on 

By Kheezy_316 »

I’m sleepin. Selling mine rn. Plenty of other great offensive options that are better on the defensive end, and aren’t sub 6 foot.

By KentNation »
By delano23 »

Lol if you have a tall team you can literally just play hands up defense and he won’t get a shot off

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By Damian »

he clearly can't do anything inside the paint, either he missed layups or gets blocked

By GandalftheGay »
By rubbertoecapboi »

I really wanna start IT and play all ya'll friendly match just so prove ya'll wrong

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By RobertH925 »

I just played a game with him, and actually did hella good. He is for sure under-rated. Size isn't everything.