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Goddamn.. I just realized his card has ELEVEN HOF badges.. that has to be the record for an amethyst card, right? Looks like a fun card to play around with though.

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Idgaf what yall say hes killin it for me off the bench. Avg 20ppg in 10 mins. My fave release on the game. He gets blocked sometimes. But so does everybody. His middy is deadly.....and green

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I'm actually good with IT outside of myteam, so a 94 ame IT would be a good addition to my team

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I feel like only look at height inside of stats,badges, and how he plays. It' dumb to me.

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I'll play every single person in this thread (if you are a proponent of IT and are on PS4), and will not only hold him to under 10 PPG, I'll whoop dat ass.

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