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With the release of all these new cards that are badged the fuck out, my team has definitely gone from chocolate to vanilla. And there's nothing wrong with that, but I'm kinda losing the appeal to my team with all these shitty haircuts and short shorts LOL. And white men can dunk, just not as often :( 

Do you ever choose players based on how they look or their specific animations?


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yes you are being racist but just change your team up then lol

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If you got to ask then you indeed a racist.

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I never thought about that until I was doing a challenge and realized I was running, Pete Maravich, Havlicek, peja, Bird, And Jokic.not 1 black player... First time ever lol my shooting percentage was through the roof and players stopped standing out of bounds. 

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Who wouldn’t want a team full of scrappy, high-motor, deceptively athletic gym rats?

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Then you miss Mokeski lol

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I've run all-white guy's not because of racism...just for fun. 

Done the same with different Croatia...and colleges too.

As for the abundance of white guy cards that eally true? I see Bird...and Havlicek...that's about it.

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You can use.Kidd and Blake too and Klay lol