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This past saturday i ordered 80k orbs off of just because prices were a little cheaper (usually use orbs) and everything went fine i put in my player, TRIPLE checked every detail was correct and submited my order. The sight says they take no more than 15 minutes to deliver the orbs. The site also states that if it takes more than 6 hours to contact their 24/7 customer support. Six hours passed and i hadnt yet received my orbs so i decided to email them, explaining that i either wanted my orbs or my money back. Eighteen hours later i received an email with no help, horroble grammar, and simply horrible english saying "refund take 2 day". I didnt want problems so i agreed to it even though the website advertises that they will refund your money "immediately" if you ask for it and the orbs hasnt been delivered. On the following monday i receive an email that still had bad grammar but sounded nicer and more respectful apologizing for the delay bla bla.. whole lot of bs. Bottom line its been 4 days and i never got my orbs and they took my 25+ dollars. I just wanted to alert you guys and i wanted to know if im the only one this has happened to.

Btw i already filed a report with paypal and all that but they still havent been able to help or do anything.

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Get out of 2kmtcentral if you are going to talk about this weird Path of Exile shit