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I have been investigating vote manipulation on the site and have found a number of people who have received thousands of upvotes from single users. Notable examples: @H4k33mD4Dr34m0l4juw0n, @MTIH, @zemGOAT. These votes have now been removed and the users vote counts updated. All I have to say to that is that your life must be incredibly boring to go upvoting 1000+ comments for a useless stat on this website...

I am considering introducing some kind of limits to the voting, for example a max # or % of votes that can go to specific users. This will prevent people from getting a large number of votes from their friends. As for those who are upvoting themselves with multiple accounts I propose that on a 2nd offense ALL upvotes that they have received are removed so they are left at 0.

Any thoughts?

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Would the vote limit only go to people that have been caught in the act?

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Sounds good

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what i do?

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i agree in the your proposed rules its seems fair

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So we can get votes removed if other users mass upvoted us. I understand now.

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can you tell me who mass upvoted me, pac? 

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Sounds like a good idea.

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