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DaTr3w said in Monday, March 26th, 2018 16:28 pm

Need a little help. I beat them 1/6x and when i did i was 50pts off because i didn't get all 10 free throws.


My lineup^

It's not an issue of lineup quality. This is basically what I used to finish off All-Time Dom:

It's more about tactics and execution. Seeing your MT summary screen, Team Comparison screen might help people give good advice.

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Yeah you're fine with that lineup. Honestly it's really hard to beat those last three teams without free throws. These are the best free throw tactics I know:


1.) Pick and roll, speedboost around the pick, take your finger off the speedboost trigger once you have the step on your guy (about halfway between the top of the key and the basket), then double tap x (on xbox) to eurostep. If you use Bron to do that you should get a good couple free throws that way. 

2.) Post up, pump fake, get the defender to bite and then take the shot while hes in the air while pressing the stick towards the basket for a layup. Not as effective as strategy one but it works.

3.) in transition, dont take open lanes, pass back so theres one man between you and the basket. Run into him shooting at normal speed (no speedboost) - if you have a high draw foul like bron that will get you a couple

4.) keep the game close. Make sure you are only up by 8-10 with 1 minute left. If its close the CPU will intentionally foul towards the end and with your free throw shooters you'll win as long as you're up by 4-5 when they start doing that.


Edit: really the most effective tactic is to continue eurostepping into crowds under the basket with bron...

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go for more layups and less dunks. Let go of turbo a bit more on your drives. layups attempts draw more fouls then poster attempts.

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Last domination was easy for me.

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all time domination it's been very easy for me, never had less than 1200 mt. there's no need of free throws for reach the total of MT for win the game.

of course good D

try to get some fouls. When you drive to the basket dont stop to push square.

dont force 3 points, no need for them. Try to shot only when you are open 3 with and in rythm. Dont shoot 3 3points in a row, because the third one will have an high miss ratio

steal\block with the right stick, fastbreak, pass, dunk.

If you dont get the basket from an assist, do a post move ( +5 points )

Press the cpu as much as you can, you will force the player to pass ball and they will not spend all the 24 seconds for an action

Play with a freelance, helps a lot to get oper uncontested shot, and alternate P&R, hands off, iso. If you play always the same thing, the CPU D will learn how to block you



Mix diamond amy and some ruby card, dont use only diamond player.


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