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Yeah dude, don't be peer-pressured in if you don't wanna spend money... Like I said, you can be really competative in this game with a lineup that contains maybe 1 to 3 OP cards. When you have more than that, then those cards never really ball out to their true potential because, in the end, the game is only 20 mins long yanno? Your Kobe off the bench isn't scoring 81 a game with that KD, T Mac, Lonzo, and Hakeem on the team....

Just play the game for fun dude.... Get your fav 3 player's best diamond in the game, and then chill with the spending. Look at my lineup (saved in my profile) LBJ is my fav player, I got him, and then built a decent team with the MT around him.... Just for fun dude, gotta remember, it's a VIDEO GAME!!! LOL

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Have fun with it