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who is the better shooter, inside scorer(layups and dunks) and who is more clutch. you can use stats to back up your argument

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shooting is KD

dunking is Kobe

driving is KD

clutch factor is Kobe

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Well, this depends on the situation. Since you didn't provide any context, I have to assume the worst (or best, depending on your perspective) and say that in this hypothetical situation I'm down a few buckets with 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter, and I'm low on time outs, so I would need someone to get hot and score some easy buckets for me. In a situation such as that, it goes without saying that I would want Kobe to get the ball in crunch time, and I'm sure most people would agree with that sentament. Now, to progress from that, considering that crunch time is the most important phase of a basketball game, I would say that in general, I would want Kobe as my scorer, just in case such a situation was to arise.

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lol KD might be the best scorer ever it's no question

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I accidently made this post and don't know how to remove it. does anyone know how??? thx

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